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One of the greatest Facebook Marketing Agency in Jaipur is the Total SEO. Our advertising agency was recently founded by a group of business people who had experienced the problems and benefits associated with advertising on the popular social network. Our agency is working on all the aspects of advertising on Facebook such as promoting a product, creating advertisement links, creating advertisement campaigns, etc.

We work with clients on all the marketing aspects as well as on the financial aspects of their campaigns. All this has made it a very lucrative business for our agency experts.The best thing about our agency is that we have set up our office in the heart of Jaipur. This ensures that the entire team in the office is directly working on the task at hand. This gives our agency a huge advantage over its competitors.

They have a large number of people who work in the office of our agency. These staff are mostly from the IT industry and they know how to make use of the internet to their advantage. The team includes web developers, SEO experts, and many more. So if you have decided to start a Facebook page for your products or services and want to know how you can get the best results for your budget, then FB marketing in Jaipur is the right place to be. The experts in the team have an eye for detail and are ready to provide you with the best of services and the latest techniques of online advertising.

Facebook activities we do for clients | Best FaceBook Marketing Agency in Jaipur

  •  Create a Facebook ‘Business’ Page on your product name or company name.
  •  Redesign Facebook Business Page.
  •  Link Facebook Page to post automatically to Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.
  •  Link your Facebook page with business website

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How Total SEO Works?


Start With Strategy:

While doing online business it's important to build a right strategy and when it comes to facebook Ads, Strategy Matter a lot! A Facebook Campaign becomes successful only by Proper strategy with hitting at right audience, at right time, on right place and with an appealing ad post that represent your business actually.


Optimization With Leads:

Our experts do optimization to get more & more leads for our customers. We focus on optimization with best possible approach. Playing with targeted keywords & landing page and Ad Copy optimisation.


Better Conversions with Remarketing:

This is the best part of facebook ads marketing and We love to use Remarketing strategy on Facebook Display Network to bombard our ad post that creates more possibilities in lead conversation.


A/B Testing & Reporting

Our experts do A/B testing of Ad posts and landing pages to find possible optimisation opportunity that will drive best & Quality leads. As per mutual understanding we deliver monthly reports to get our marketing progress.


Why is Facebook Advertising important For Every Business?


Facebook advertising is a convenient way for people to place targeted advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, the Audience Network and the other social networking sites. The marketing process is easy for businesses and individuals, letting them pick the audience, budget, type of advertisement, ad format and creative.

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Huge Audience:

If you are running a business, you know that Facebook is one of the most used sites today. The popularity of the site has exploded to such a level that people from all over the world use it to keep in touch with their friends and family. While it can be a great way to network, it is not necessarily the most cost effective method, especially if you need a large amount of targeted traffic to reach your potential customers.
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Deep Customer Targeting:

You can also increase your profit by using Facebook ads to target your customers by geographic location. This way, you will be able to show ads that are relevant to the people living in different regions, as well as targeting people who live near you. or those who may be interested in what you products or services. This allows you to reach the right audience and get maximum exposure. As you learn about Facebook advertising, you can also target specific groups of people to get the most response out of your ad.
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Easy To Measure Campaign Performance:

When considering which type of Facebook ad to use, you should think about what type of message you want to convey. You can create a classified ad, a sponsored ad, an ad to promote a website, or even a video advertisement. Using the latter ad type will allow you to get the most exposure for your ad. To ensure a higher success rate with your advertisement, use the same ad format.
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Cost Effective:

Finally, while using Facebook advertising can be quite cost effective, you should also consider how long it takes for you to make the money back from your ad campaigns. Remember, people spend time looking for new products or services, and they are not going to spend a lot of time on a website looking for old ads that are outdated. The more you offer them, the more likely they are to click on your ads


Why Hire Only Total SEO For Facebook Advertising in Jaipur?

Laser Targeted

Facebook is known in by the marketers for its laser targeting. Our experts do a proper utilization of this feature to bring best leads & sales to our customers.


ROI Friendly

We always loved by our customers for our result oriented and ROI based strategies and again at Facebook marketing we follow the same pattern to give our best.



Starting Facebook campaign with niche based goal is an ideal way to run successful Facebook campaign. Before we start any clients campaign we will understand nature of business to set goals and plan strategies out a goal based road map for creating best brand.



Conversions are an ultimate goal of any marketing activity. This is what our professional believes in! While running any campaign, our focus is always to generate maximum leads and sales.

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