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12 SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid Right Now

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There are many mistakes that you can make in your quest to increase traffic to your website. Some of these mistakes include the following: Spamming, article submission, keyword stuffing, link farming, article spinning, directory submission and link harvesting.

There are other tactics that can be used, but if you want to increase your ranking in the major search engines, these mistakes should never be made. Here’s what you need to avoid:


Spamming is a violation of search engine guidelines. The guidelines state that any content or information on a website must provide useful search value. This includes content related to the target keywords. If your website contains all sorts of random text that has nothing to do with the targeted keywords, you will be penalized by Google.

Another great reason to avoid this is because it can actually hurt you. Google has recently implemented new features to their search engines. For example, they have introduced videos into their search results.

This is not something that you want to have happen to your website, as most people only view the video to see how the item is used. They don’t look at the keyword or description, and if they do, they might not even click on it.

Article Submission:

Article submission is also a big mistake. There are so many ways to write articles, and you can put them in dozens of directories. However, search engines like to see quality content written for specific websites. In fact, submitting articles that contain the same keywords over again is frowned upon, and you could get banned from the website.

Keyword Spamming:

Last, but certainly not least, is keyword spamming. You can find some decent free software for doing keyword research. When using this software, you type in a keyword phrase, and then the software tells you how many times that particular phrase has been searched online.

That number is called a ‘spam score’. A low spam score will give you a good page rank, but a high one will lower your page rank. The rule of thumb is – never use more than one keyword in an article.


All websites should have backlinks. The best way to backlink to a website is to leave a comment on another website about the topic. You should leave a relevant and useful comment, which includes your link. If a visitor from your website reads that comment, they will click your link to go to your site.

Copying Other People’s Work:

You should always give proper credit to the original author of any resource you use. Otherwise, if you have lifted any article or information from another source, and place it on your own website, it will take all the credit and popularity away from the original author. Also, when copying other people’s work, make sure you give proper attribution. This will help your website rank better in the search engines.

Duplicating Content:

It is an SEO no-no to publish content twice on your website. If you do, Google and other search engines will penalize your site by removing it from their indexing.

Even though search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, they will not allow duplicate content on their pages. These are some of the biggest and most obvious mistakes you should avoid.

Indexing Slogans and Anchor Text:

The next thing you should avoid doing is linking to external sites with anchor text links and slogans. If you do this, you will lose a lot of website ranking points instantly.

Some search engines have changed the way they rank websites, so you may find your links will no longer be as effective. It is better to just avoid these completely.

Poor Content Creation:

Poor content creation is another common problem among new website owners. Content that is poorly written and poorly spelt is an indication that the person or group creating the page didn’t have time to properly research and create good content.

Low quality content can also hurt your page rank and your search engine rankings. You need to spend time writing high quality, informative articles that are interesting and useful, and that your readers will find useful.


Your website should always be updated and fresh. Most search engines take into account how many times a page has been refreshed over the last few months when determining page rank.

Using recent and accurate information can help you increase your page ranking, as well as getting more traffic.

Focusing on “Black Hat” Methods:

Some people will create a website that contains the same content that is already available on the Internet for free. When you do this, you can get banned from the search engines and you will not be able to increase your rank with them. Instead, focus on creating original content and providing useful information to your readers instead.

Using Wrong Keywords:

Using the wrong keywords in your content is the most common error newbie affiliates make. Many newbies think that search engine optimization is about Meta tags, alternate keywords, and cramming keywords into the title and body of the article.

The problem with this approach is that people are smarter than computers these days, and they can detect this stuff with a little investigation. If your keywords aren’t attracting traffic right now, it’s because they’re not bringing you traffic. So don’t fall into this trap!

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Keyword Stuffing:

Keyword stuffing is another no-no. The goal of a web page is to provide useful, unique content. Search engines like websites that have relevant keywords in the title, description, and tags of each page, and this is true for the entire website.

A common mistake new affiliate’s make is trying to cram as many keywords into their content as possible. This strategy works well during testing, when you’re figuring out what works, but once your site is live you need to focus on providing quality content. The best way to do this is by using a keyword-focused article. Use the keyword as an anchor text within your article, and in your title.


There are many more mistakes you should avoid making when trying to improve your website ranking. If you do make any of the above mistakes, you should immediately rethink your strategy. Keep in mind what your goal is with your website, and avoid focusing on other things entirely.

You need to think about the SEO service you have right now, as well as what your long-term goals are. If you do this, you will find that your website is actually one that can help you achieve the goals you want it to.

If you ignore any of these areas, you are likely leaving yourself vulnerable. You also may not realize it, but your website could become outdated very quickly. This is why it is so important that you create a marketing campaign that includes creating quality content and linking back to your website.

If you don’t have a plan for your website, then you might not even be aware of the potential problems that you could be facing. So make sure that you create a solid plan.

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